RACE RULES Rovaniemi66

Rovaniemi66, 17.-19 February 2017


Registration next 2017 race will be open next 1st August 2016

(will finish next 31st December 2016)


Please read the following information carefully:  Any racer who fails to comply with the rules will be disqualified



Mandatory Pre-Race meeting on February 17, 2017.

Race starts on Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 09:00 h.

Race finishes on Sunday, February 19, 2017 at 03:00 h.



Registration opens 1.8.2016 and closes on 31.12.2016.


Registration prices:

For bikers, skiers and runners it is 100 euro.

For disabled athletes it is free.



The race director reserves the right to refuse entry to any racer.



- Racers must be a minimum of 18 years old.

- Race is limited to 100 participants.

- Racers can choose to participate by fat-bike, ski or running.

- Participation for disabled athletes is limited to 3 racers.


About disabled athletes:

We believe that any disabled athlete who thinks that he/she can participate in this race he/she can do it. Depending the degree of disability, the organization is open to discuss the conditions and adapt, if necessary, the race rules.

For example: a guide for the blind participants or support at checkpoints for those who can not cook by themselves or whatever.



In case a participant cancels the registration, the refund will be under the following terms:

- Before 31.12.2016, 75% of the total registration fee will be refund.

- Between 01.01.2017 and 19.01.2017, 50% of the total registration fee will be refund.

- Between 20.01.2017 and 06.02.2017, 25% of the total registration fee will be refund.

- After 06.02.2017, there will be no refund.


Entries are non-transferable to any other racer.



- In case that organization cancel the race before it begins, 100% of the registration fee will be refund to all participants.

- In case the organization cancel the race after it starts, there will be no refund.


The race may canceled after the start in case of severe conditions that make it extremely hazardous and/or impossible. Also any other unexpected nature circumstances may force the race director to cancel the race.



- 1st male and 1st female of each category will receive a free entry fee for the next time he/she competes*.

- Trophy for the first, second and third of each category.

- All finishers will have a little souvenir.

- 1 bottled water and a delicious chocolate bar.


* Only for once and is valid for two years.



Maximum time allowed to complete the race is 18 hours* (by 03:00 h. February 19, 2017). Any participant who is unable to complete the race in this time will be disqualified.


Have a look at the checkpoints cut off time down under.



Pre Race meeting is mandatory for all participants. Failure to attend means the participant will be disqualified from the race.


During the Pre-race meeting the organization will supply the map and will do the check-in mandatory gear*.


You must show the mandatory gear to the Race Director.



Race Check-in is mandatory for all racers. Sign-in between 8:00 to 8:40 at the Control Center. If a participant is late and does not check-in before 8:40, the participant must wait fifteen (15) minutes after the race has started to check-in.



1- Headlamp with enough batteries (we recommend: Energizer Ultimate Lithium).

2- Rear red flashing lamp with enough batteries.

3- Whistle.


Racers must carry all mandatory gear throughout the entire race from beginning to end and finish it with it. Participants must bring all mandatory gear for check-in to the Pre-Race Meeting.


Any racer who does not have the appropriate mandatory gear will be disqualified.


Any racer who does not finish with the mandatory gear will be disqualified.



The rear red flashing light must be on during dark periods. Any racer who doesn't have the red flashing light on during dark periods will result in disqualification.



- The Race number is mandatory for all racers.

- On bikes it must be attached at the front.

- On pulkas it must be attached on the left side.

- On backpacks it must be attached on the back.

- If participant loses the race number will be disqualified.

- There is no possible to change the number.



Racers must follow the marked route and they are not allowed to do short cuts. Some times during the race the track will cross a B-class double lane road. You may not ride, run or ski on any roads or track not marked by the organisation. Due to the characteristics of the terrain, the organisation can change the track without notice.



Do not litter the trail. Racers will be disqualified for littering. Leave no trace. You have to carry everything you start with until the end. You are not allowed to leave any wet or broken clothes or any gear at any checkpoint or on the track.



Do not defecate on the race trail. Go as far as possible off the trail.



Respect Private Property. You are not allowed to pass through or use any Private Property.



This is a human powered race, racers must be self sufficient. Any outside help by a support crew, outside assistance to advance up or down the trail such as snowmobiles or cars or motorbikes etc, is not allowed. Racers will be disqualified if, at any time during the race, they have any outside help.



Checkpoints are small so any non-racers or people who are following the racers, are not permitted. Checkpoints have a shelter but not big at all, so be prepared in case you don't find a place to rest inside the shelter.


- All racers must adhere to the checkpoints and race cut-off time.


- Any racer who misses or skips to physically sign-in and sign-out in any checkpoint will be disqualified.



You will only find water in Porohovi (the first and last checkpoint) If you need to cook or melt snow with your stove at checkpoints you have to do it outside the shelter. You also can cook using the firewood outside the shelter.


All racers must physically sign-in and sign-out at the following checkpoints:


1. checkpoint: Porohovi-1 .....  open until Saturday at 11:30

2. checkpoint: Sinettäjärvi ..... open until Saturday at 14:30

3. checkpoint: Mellavaara ...... open until Saturday at 18:00

4. checkpoint: Sinettänlaavu ... open until Saturday at 21:00

5. checkpoint: Porohovi-2 ...... open until Saturday at 24:00

6. checkpoint: Rovaniemi ...... open until Sunday at 03:00



Rescue and evacuations are at racer's expense.


A disqualified or scratched racer may require an evacuation or snowmobile back trip to the road system, but if a racer is able and willing to return to the start under his or her own power, or with the assistance of an external source, he or she may do so.


All racers must inform to any race official if they intend to scratch and return to the race start point.



In case a participant ask for evacuation, the organization will take her/him to the closer road (by snowmobile). If the participant want, the organization can call a taxi to pick him. In this case, the participant will have to pay in cash the expenses of transport.


For this reason is is very strongly recommended to carry the sum of 70 € cash minimum, in order to cover the unexpected.




Rescue will be only in case of accident. In case of rescue the organization will give to the participant the appropriate service depending the situation. For rescue we also have the help of Firefighters and Police. The expenses incurred in this service have to be pay by the rescued person and/or fix with their own insurance.



All units for navigation, tracking or emergency position are allowed. Usually there is phone coverage throughout. You can call your family or friends during the race. Anyway if they want to follow your progress they can have a look at our Facebook page.

If you have SPOT or similar, tell us your code or nick and we'll follow you too.



Any participant with a dog on the race will be disqualified.



Do not damage any structures, Private Property. Be respectful.