RACE GEAR - Rovaniemi66

Rovaniemi66, 12.-14 February 2021


Registration next 2021 race will be open next October 1st 2020

(will finish next January 10th 2021)

We understand that anybody without winter experience who pretends to participate in this kind of races, must have the common sense to get good information about all the needs to face a competition like that.


Racers must be self-sufficient and have the ability to take care of themselves. This race is a potentially dangerous one, participants have to really seriously consider if they are physically and mentally prepare for this kind of race.




1- Headlamp with enough batteries*.

2- Rear red flashing lamp with enough batteries.

3- Two reflective patches (given by the organisation)

4- Whistle. 

5- Helmet for fatbikers. Helmet must be worn at all times when you are on your fatbike.


* About Bateries. The most durable in cold temperatures we know are the Energizer Ultimate Lithium.


- Racers must carry all mandatory gear through out the entire race from beginning to end and finish it with it.

- Racers must bring all mandatory gear for check-in to the Meeting.

- Any racer who doesn't have the appropriate mandatory gear is not allowed to participate.

- Any racer who doesn't finish with the mandatory gear will be disqualified.




  1- Down jacket.

  2- Snow shoes (if you go on foot).

  3- Waterproof overshoes (in case of overflow). Recommended brands: NEOS


  * Organisation will tell you, during the briefing, the weather report and how the track conditions are.


  4- Stove. In extreme cold temperatures, only the white gasoline stoves are ok. Recommended brands and models: Primus, mod. Multifuel EX and MSR, mod.



Fuel: In Rovaniemi you can find "4-tahti bensiini" in the petrol station. If you want we can buy it for you, just tell us.


  5- Foot wear for temperatures 0ºC to -30ºC

  6- Thermal underwear.

  7- Thermal socks for temperatures 0ºC to -30ºC

  8- Head gear.

  9- Face mask.

10- Sun glasses.

11- Ski googles.

12- Polar fleece pants or similar.

13- Polar fleece jacket.

14- Full wind suit -Jacket and Pants (Goretex or similar).

15- Extreme cold mittens.

16- Cooking pot.

17- Insulated water containers.

18- Matches or Lighter.

19- Sunscreen.

20- Tape.

21- Tools to repair your equipment.



Contact us if you have any questions related to this matter.