RENTING PULKA - Rovaniemi300

Rovaniemi300, 12.-18 February 2021


Registration next 2021 race will be open next October 1st 2020

(will finish next January 10th 2021)




The pulka that you can rent is a working sled and is used in domestic affairs or whatever it needs.


The sled is adapted to be used as a pulka and is enough tough, lightweight and large to load all the necessary gear for Rovaniemi300.


You can take the pulka, on friday, during the check-in time.


It comes with strings (just ropes -  no bungee system), pvc sticks and a home-made belt (not harness !), as it shows in the pictures.


Once you finish the race you must leave the pulka in the Finish Point.

If you need more information or want to reserve one, contact us.