INFORMATION - Rovaniemi150

Rovaniemi150, 12.-15 February 2021


Registration next 2021 race will be open next October 1st 2020

(will finish next January 10th 2021)

150 kilometers ultramarathon. Maximum time to complete: 42 hours. Three categories: foot, fatbike and ski.


To participate in Rovaniemi150 is not necessary to have experience in other winter races, but participants must have experience in marathons , long distances races, long distance traverses or winter mountain traverses. It is also strongly recommended that you have experience in winter bivouacs.


Anybody who intends to participate in this kind of race without previous winter experience must have the common sense to get good information about everything needed for a competition like this one.


At the checkpoints, except Sinettäjärvi checkpoint, racers will find a camp fire, basic shelter and water.


Rovaniemi150 is limited to 150 participants.



- Registration opens October 1st 2020

- Registration closes on January 10th 2021

- Pre Race Meeting and Check-in mandatory gear: February 12th. 2021, at 12:30 h.

- Race sign-in: February 13th. 2021, begin at 07:45 h. until 08:30 h.

- Race starts February 13th. 2021, at 09:00 h.

- Race ends February 15th. 2021, at 03:00 h.



- Temperatures: could reach or even over exceed -30ºC.

- Light hours: from 8:00 h. to 17:00 h. approximately.

- Finnish Meteorological Institute.