300k, 11.-17 February 2022


Registration next 2022 race will be open next October 15th 2021

(will finish next January 10th 2022)

308 kilometers ultramarathon. Maximum time to complete it: 5 days. Three categories: foot, fatbike and ski.


There is no mandatory checkpoints, only mandatory waypoints. 




First section of the track is the same as 150k race, so this section is very well signed and there is not need of GPS but the Satellite Device Tracker (mandatory) to do the check-in in mandatory waypoints. All mandatory waypoints in this first section match with the 150k checkpoints. This checkpoints have a limit time, so if you arrive when checkpoint is closed maybe you wouldn't find the tent but you can use the wood if you want to do a fire.


Second section is quitte different (158 k), it follows an snowmobile track. There are signs, in some areas more than others. In some areas you will find very good snow conditions and in others maybe you find deep snow and also you will find other snowmobiles tracks crossing, so all it do is confuse the right way... Track conditions depends on how long ago snowed and when the last snowmobile went through there. In this section you need the use the GPS to know where is the mandatory waypoint where you have to do the check-in and of course the mandatory Satellite Device Tracker (check the mandatory gear in the Race Rules page).


300k race is limited to 50 participants.


Participants must have finished at least one similar winter race as show in the Race Rules or have a proved winter experience.



- Registration opens October 15th 2021

- Registration closes on January 10th 2022

- Pre Race Meeting and Check-in mandatory gear: February 11th 2022, at 15:00 h.

- Race sign-in: February 12th 2022, begin at 07:45 h. until 08:30 h.

- Race starts February 12th 2022, at 09:00 h.

- Race ends February 17th 2022, at 09:00 h.



- Temperatures: could reach or even over exceed -30ºC.

- Light hours: from 8:00 h. to 17:00 h. approximately.

- Finnish Meteorological Institute.